Friday, July 29, 2011

Thursday, July 28, 2011

.. of Personal Style

Spent a weekend with ma laaadays (ladies). I don't remember much of it unfortunately but, I finally got to go to Red Lulu's in Norwalk, Connecticut. I've heard so much about it. And when I say I've heard so much about it I mean from everyone I know saying

"oh yeah I went there last weekend. awesome place."

*dead air*
*dead air*
*dead air*

wait for it...

"ummm, why wasn't I invited?"


The place has been described as a 'sensory explosion' and I would have to agree. When I went to tag my friends on Facebook I had the option of tagging this creepy face in the wallpaper that I hadn't noticed before... hrm

Who notices faces in the wallpaper after one two many Belvedere & Seltzers? Not me! Disaster.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

.. of Style Inspiration

In the words of John Cage... I'm drawn to her.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

.. of Shopping

House of Harlow 1960 just came out with a shoe line. It just hit Shopbop. Who's excited???!!! Just me? Typical.

House of Harlow 1960 was originally just a jewelry line created by none other than Nicole Richie (of Paris Hilton fame). And I actually like it. Finally, a celebrity jewelry line I can actually get behind! As opposed to, oh, Kim Kardashian's line. I'm not even going to mention the name. I can't. I won't. You can't make me!

One of the things I liked most was the ad campaign...

Hot. Especially that last one. I wish she had stuck her tongue out juuuuust a little to make it extra dirty.

Harlow is her daughter's name, combined with her love of the 60's decade and then there's 'House of' which just makes everything sound more official doesn't it? (re: House of Dereon)

I also like that she wears her stuff all. the. time. And no, I don't think it's just because she has to for advertising and publicity. I think she actually likes it.

You know who else wears her line?


So anyway, just spotted these precious little things from the House of Harlow 1960 shoe line and me likey...

If you're thinking they look a lot like TOMS Shoes you'd be correct because well, a lot of things look like TOMS Shoes right now. So buy these but, remember the critical difference.

So don't be fooled.

On another note... a lot of people put straws in hot coffee...


Monday, July 25, 2011

.. of Style Inspiration

"Go large or Go to your house"

"Go big or Go home" roughly translated into Polish and back to English again.

aka my new favorite saying.

What brought that up? Man Repeller's arm party post.

I don't always subscribe to the arm party myself. I much prefer wearing ridiculously large men's watches one at a time. They make me look 'money' as they say and I like that.

Just a few to get you started...

So remember kiddies. When it comes to watches. Go large or Go to your house.

Friday, July 22, 2011

.. of Shopping

During my rounds yesterday I happened upon J.Crew's new arrivals and this is what I found...

Scarves are necessary no matter what the season.

Perfectly subtle but, intricately designed, vintage-inspired jewelry to get your arm party started.

Beautiful outerwear in luxurious fabrics and interesting shapes.

New shades of their classic Cece flats including navy and bright flame, the perfect shade of red. I would wear red shoes if it weren't for a nasty childhood memory of mean boys telling me I wasn't in Kansas anymore. Bygones.

Cashmere in every shape imaginable including this slouchy boyfriend silhouette which is a personal favorite for Everything.

Take a gander at the rest of their Fall 2011 Lookbook here.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

.. of Shopping

So doing the rounds on the usual sites this morning. Catching up on what's new, what's not, and why it's so damn hot outside. And I see this...

And now I just wanna take a shower. This jacket makes me want to vomit more than I did this weekend after one too many belvedere & seltzers.

There is NO reason to wear real fur today people! I'm disappointed in Donna Karan for making it, even though she probably has N.O.T.H.I.N.G. to do with the design process of her company since she sold it. I'm disappointed in Shopbop for carrying it although they probably have a contract to carry certain pieces from the line. And I'm just plain disgusted in general.

There are so many faux fur alternatives these days unless you live in Alaska and are actually exposed to the elements there is no excuse.



Wednesday, July 20, 2011

.. of Style Inspiration

Summer Leather.

BIG Controversy.


Or as my friend would say Hee-yooouu-juh (she's from Louisiana).

No matter the season I seem to always want to dress in the exact opposite fabric that is required by the weather. Last November I went to a concert in Jersey wearing a tank top and no jacket. We walked half-way to the venue and had to turn around and run back to the car and put the heat on. Then we spent an hour deciding whether to drive a few blocks closer and park there. Sad.

And just this past weekend I went to the city. Does anyone know how hot it was in NY this past weekend. Blazing sweat dripping down the crack of your ass hot. Seriously. That's what the weather man said. And that morning I came out of the bedroom wearing a long-sleeved hooded sweater looking mighty cute I might add and when I rounded the corner my fiance took one look at me, shook his head, and said "seriously? seriously. why are you wearing a sweater?!"

Maybe it's that I don't like to have fashion dictated to me. Maybe it's because I like to buy things on sale so all my new stuff I am dying to wear is by definition out-of-season. Maybe it's because I'm pale as the white snow so when it's sunny I feel like covering up and when it's winter I wanna let it live! Or maybe I'm just an idiot.

But at least I'm not the only one.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

.. of Shopping

My fingers did some walkin' last night when I saw the boots I've been lusting after were sold out in my size on four out of five websites I've been watching them on... bad things happen on the internets late at night. Bad things only me and my UPS guy should ever know about. Have I ever mentioned my UPS guy is never allowed to meet my fiance and not for the reasons you might imagine.

So these will be mine in T minus 5-7 business days. I had to get them from Free People where they're late with almost everything so they're still available in every size but, if you're not an 8 they're also available here, here, here, and at Amazon.

Speaking of Amazon, you have to be careful with them because I believe them to be one of the most well-kept online shopping secrets. They carry everything but, when you google something you're looking for they rarely if ever show up as an option. Curious. But, they always have it and it always goes on sale before it goes on sale anywhere else.

When I see something online I really want I bookmark it and put it in a folder labeled "Shopped" and check back every once in awhile waiting for it to do one of 2 things.

A. Go on sale


B. Be the last pair

You'll know this because a lot of online retailers pop up a helpful little notice telling you how many are left of an item when you click on the size and color combination you want. This is critical because if you really can't live without it gotta have it gonna die if you can'twearitthisweekend then you can't always wait for a sale. 30% off just may not be worth losing it. So when you click on your color and size and that heart-palpitating (usually red) ink pops up saying "only 1 left HURRY ORDER SOON ORDERNOW!!!" just kidding it doesn't say that. It just says ...

Only 1 left in stock--order soon.

Then you must act. Or be unfashionable forever. Just kidding.

So Sam Edelman Petty also available in black, moss green, and drum roll please...

nude leopard. nuff said.

Monday, July 18, 2011

.. of Health & Beauty

Had to look up how to spell narcissism again. It just doesn't look right! Whatever english makes no sense. This is a rule! Except in this word and this word and that word.


I'm joining a gym on Saturday so I can take spinning for the first time. I'm thinking of wearing this...

and I'm thinking spinning will transform me into this...

and by 'this' I mean cankle-free. Come on spinnin' ! Don't let me down !

They spinnin' they spinnin'theyspinnin' (Chris Rock. anyone? anyone?! No. hm)

.. of Style Inspiration

Addicted to this photo...

Perfect. Just perfect.

Flowy summer dress in a bright, happy color. Check.

Pedicure. Check.

Neutral strappy sandals. Check.

High bun. My personal favorite. Check.

And an arm party! Check (definition of arm party here)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

.. of Personal Style

This has nothing to do with anything but, after 11 days of working non-stop I feel like this...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

.. of Shopping

For some online retailers pre-fall sales have already begun. One major trend I'm particularly excited about is the return (did it ever leave?) of the black bootie and I love a black bootie. Whether it comes in a box or attached to a man is negotiable.

The best of the best pre-fall...