Wednesday, December 28, 2011

.. of Style Inspiration

No, not her... she's boring.

I'm looking at the two men behind her. Never were two men's trends so perfectly put into play. I've always been fascinated by Asian men's style. I feel like they take more risks than your average white guy. And if you don't believe me...

I love him. I always wanted an Asian grandfather but alas, it was not in the cards for me.

I love the long hair too. I always said I would never date a man who takes longer to get ready than me or has longer hair than mine. But it is pretty to look at.

When I was commuting to Manhattan there was a guy who always ended up on the S with me in the morning. Tall about 6'3", dark chocolately smooth skin like he got facials on the regular, strong jawline. He always wore a wool overcoat but never the same one, a suit, and a briefcase slung crossbody over his shoulder. And he had... the best hair. I'm not one for dreads myself either but his must have been 3 feet long all the way down his back and done. Not a hair out of place and always tied at the back together with a simple piece of twine.

That man. I always wanted to pet him. Don't know why. Some men are just so beautiful they make me feel bad about myself. Like as a woman I should be able to keep up!

I digress...

On the left we have skinny jeans on grown men and I happen to like this look. This trend actually bubbled up / trickled down from the teen crowd as most things do. I work across the street from a high school and the styles for boys have changed since I was but a little person. High school boys look a lot like this now.

I'm sure the man in the photo isn't in high school but that's fine. Roll play never hurt anyone.

Happy Hump Day!

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