Thursday, September 13, 2012

.. of Shopping

I just love online shopping. I remember when I was in college and it seemed like every other week we would have to write a paper on whether or not we thought this whole "online shopping" thing was really gonna take off...


Combine my love of a good online browse with the rise of Shopbop AND the start of the fall season and you have a perfect Thursday morning.

If my brother was getting married (he is) and he was a celebrity (he's not) this is what I would wear to the wedding.

The perfect leather peplum without quite so much pep and under a grand for once.

A slightly less expensive version of these from Club Monaco. Which ever one goes on sale first wins. Ready... setty... go!

Once again proving my point that fur accents don't have to be real to look and feel real. Thank you Club Monaco once again. Plus, who doesn't love a detachable collar.

Now on to the shoes...

I know what you're thinking, I have about 15 pairs of black booties at this point. But, these are Different, more rugged (check out the lug sole), and with a stacked heel (the others are metal). Those things make these much more casual, and practical I must say ie TOTally different.

And finally, who doesn't love shoes that require Windex? I'm sensing a lug sole trend here but, weren't platforms supposed to be over last season? Oh, fashion, you fickle bitch.

via shopbop