Tuesday, July 19, 2011

.. of Shopping

My fingers did some walkin' last night when I saw the boots I've been lusting after were sold out in my size on four out of five websites I've been watching them on... bad things happen on the internets late at night. Bad things only me and my UPS guy should ever know about. Have I ever mentioned my UPS guy is never allowed to meet my fiance and not for the reasons you might imagine.

So these will be mine in T minus 5-7 business days. I had to get them from Free People where they're late with almost everything so they're still available in every size but, if you're not an 8 they're also available here, here, here, and at Amazon.

Speaking of Amazon, you have to be careful with them because I believe them to be one of the most well-kept online shopping secrets. They carry everything but, when you google something you're looking for they rarely if ever show up as an option. Curious. But, they always have it and it always goes on sale before it goes on sale anywhere else.

When I see something online I really want I bookmark it and put it in a folder labeled "Shopped" and check back every once in awhile waiting for it to do one of 2 things.

A. Go on sale


B. Be the last pair

You'll know this because a lot of online retailers pop up a helpful little notice telling you how many are left of an item when you click on the size and color combination you want. This is critical because if you really can't live without it gotta have it gonna die if you can'twearitthisweekend then you can't always wait for a sale. 30% off just may not be worth losing it. So when you click on your color and size and that heart-palpitating (usually red) ink pops up saying "only 1 left HURRY ORDER SOON ORDERNOW!!!" just kidding it doesn't say that. It just says ...

Only 1 left in stock--order soon.

Then you must act. Or be unfashionable forever. Just kidding.

So Sam Edelman Petty also available in black, moss green, and drum roll please...

nude leopard. nuff said.