Thursday, August 2, 2012

.. of Shopping

As some of you may know, I have been on the hunt for the perfect black chelsea boots for years. Literally. Fashion trends have been in my favor for the past few seasons with the strong resurgence of the masculine aesthetic. Loafers and oxfords were huge last season and this Fall the opportunity to find my one and only is good. Really good. I should go to Vegas with these odds baby...

The goring on the side is almost a necessity. It bothers me though. Maybe if it was only on the inside? The thing is it makes it infinitely easier to get your foot in there. Unfortunately, it makes it just as easy to get your foot out. So unless they're cut spectacularly well there may be a slippage issue. I solved this problem in the Tory Burch boots by inserting some Dr. Scholl's. They serve a dual purpose of also making them more comfortable because unless the sole is rubber it will be like wearing dress shoes ie loud and hard.

The update this season on the classic style has been the crossing leather straps across the vamp/ankle. I like it but the horizontal line may make your legs appear shorter. This theory has not been tested but I'm making an educated guess here. With this kind of detail it would be better to tuck the front of your denim/pants behind the flap on the front thus exposing the straps. I prefer to tuck my pants behind the tab in the back because this elongates the leg in front. So I would end up hiding the straps. Problem.

Then of course if you'd like to wear the exact same outfit when it's raining...

Did you notice the tucking of the pants?