Monday, April 2, 2012

.. of Shopping

Club Monaco Will Finally Launch E-Commerce This Week

YES! This is huge. "Finally" is an understatement. Currently, the only place to buy Club Monaco merchandise is either in the stores or on Shopbop. And while Shopbop does an excellent job of curating the collection and choosing the most sellable pieces, I have a completion problem and I want to know everything they have to offer. Browsing the selection on Shopbop I always felt I was missing the really good stuff. 

I used to write term papers in college on the internet's role in fashion and whether click-and-mortar would beat out bricks-and-mortar over the long haul. I still believe that stores will be a necessity for many reasons, not the least of which is branding, but with the recent launch of Zara US e-commerce and now Club Monaco, fashion is finally beginning to catch on to the limitless possibilities of an online presence.

Plus, I'm convinced they did this for my birthday. Thank you Club Monaco. I'm touched.