Friday, September 30, 2011

.. of Quotes

Bill Cunningham New York, a must see documentary available now on Netflix streaming.

"If you don't take money, they can't tell you want to do. That's the key to the whole thing."
- Bill Cunningham

"Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life."
- Bill Cunningham

Thursday, September 29, 2011

.. of Closets

J.Crew's Jenna Lyons shoe storage via because im addicted via British Vogue via a photographer who is not me because my bf stole my camera but even if I had a camera how would I get in Jenna Lyons apartment.

There's a woman in the corner of the coffee shop talking about feeling loved. I don't know what her problem is but this shoe storage would make me feel loved. All I need!


A psychologist once said that shoes satisfy a collecting need in most women. Some people collect baseball cards, car parts, houses, ex-boyfriends, angry coworkers, jeans. Apparently the majority of women collect shoes.

Having a collection of something apparently signals to the subconscious that everything is safe and in order in one's life. In a more primal sense it's supposed to satisfy the woman's gathering side of hunting/gathering. Which makes sense because I mean who can really hunt in 5 inch heels anyway.

I don't know about all that but, what I do know is next time I get the sideways glance from my bf and the question... "are those new?" he's gonna get a mouthful.

"They're part of my collection!"

"They make me feel safe!!"


"Don't you want me to feel loved??!!"

"Go hunt something."


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

.. of Style Inspiration

I have always been a fan of scarf dressing. I've been made fun of for it incessantly *cough*alyce*cough* and I still refuse to give them up even in summer.

I mean even a small wisp of colorful silk can liven up an all black outfit.

Big trends in recent seasons were colorblocking, mixing patterns, and florals. For me the best way, the most inexpensive way, to access these trends is through accessories in general and scarves in particular.

Say you're wearing your standard go-to blue jeans and a bright pink sweater. Throw on an orange scarf and BAM! colorblocking.

Wearing a plaid button-down? Try a striped scarf. BAM! mixing patterns.

I especially enjoy wearing floral scarves because they soften even the most severe outfit and make it instantly more feminine without going to far.

And let's not forget their intended purpose of keeping our necks warm. There is NOTHING better than throwing on a pair of leggings, tall boots, a lived-in dependable sweater and a big huge fluffy scarf at the first sign of Autumnal chill.

The inspiration file holds plenty of evidence of my obsession...

Try 'em wrapped, tucked, twisted, and draped. Or try them B. Jones Style, no pun intended and wear one as a shirt!

Doesn't matter, just indulge. Prices range from well over $300 for a luxe cashmere knit or $3 flat at Forever 21. Don't discriminate based on the price point. This is not a piece that gets better when it's made in Italy like handbags or shoes. Instead focus on shape and fabric. A small silk square for summer vs. a wide and long wool knit for winter.

Don't be afraid of a little DIY either. Chances are someone you know (me) can knit or crochet and would be more than willing to take your favorite color and whip you up a little something special.

My DIY agenda...

Let's not forget the all-important turban...

If you must buy them they're all available at Shopbop.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

.. of Personal Style

The Fashion Industry.

Taking "Free Gift With Purchase" to a whole 'nother level. With the price of cotton these days one has to get creative I suppose.

This is who she is going to be when she grows up by the way...

Running around an Alexander Wang runway show saying, "oversized handbags are soooo 2 years old..."

She's my desktop and I love her.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

.. of Hair Inspiration

Loooove this look! Rachel Zoe via WhoWhatWear. In fact, I think this is the absolute best I've ever seen her look.

Rachel is prone to wearing a drapey, more bohemian, 60's and 70's silhouette, personal style influences by her own admission.

She's also prone to wearing all black, something we all fall victim to from time to time.

Now in 2011, a budding designer, and a new mama it appears as though her style has changed. It feels more grown-up, more tailored, and more "designer" to me and I llllike it.

One more time for good measure.

By the way, the fishtail braid in her hair was my go-to style last year. I became obsessed with the easiness of it all after watching this video via Free People.

Try it. You won't regret it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

.. of Style Inspiration

You know what day it is.

It's hump day.

You'll notice two new names in the image tags. Garcon and WDUGT Street.

Garcon is a sort of sister site to Le Fashion which is a sister site to Olsens Anonymous and so on and so forth, except this blog is for the boys.

WDUGT Street is the new off shoot from WDUGT (Where Did U Get That)... you probably could have figured that out.

Here to help!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

.. of Style Inspiration

Best of New York Fashion Week Streetstyle (aka the Big Kahuna)...

Say hello to the cutest little pocket pal on the planet.

And again.

Taylor Tomasi Hill or who I pretend to be when I'm getting dressed.

Everyone say it with me now... hand in the air... Man Repeller! Ohhhh! Work it giiiirrl *snap*...

I don't know what happened there. I think I'm tired.

Shopbop representing at Fashion Week.

And again devising yet more ways to deplete my savings.

Thought you might be missing our little pocket pal so here she is again!

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