Monday, December 12, 2011

.. of Style Inspiration

"Christine Centenera after the Chanel SS12 Ready-to-wear show. When I complimented her on her look she responded, "Does it look OK? I was running late this morning, threw everything on and didn't have a chance to look in the mirror." Now that's what I call effortless style. She wears a pair of beaded sandals from the Kanye West SS12 debut collection which she consulted on."

The only thing more annoying to me than someone looking "effortlessly" chic is someone not admitting how much time and attention it takes to look "effortlessly" chic. Even if the time wasn't spent that day.

Find a hair stylist that isn't a moron (oh years)
Decide on a hair style (3 months)
Schedule the hair appointment (1 month)
Get it cut, colored, and styled (3 hours)
Meet Kayne West (if you're a woman... 1 minute, if you're Jay-Z...)
Consult on his collection (1 year)
Find a way to live with yourself while pretending Kayne West isn't a first-class asshole (never fully accomplished)
Pedicure (30 minutes)
Manicure (30 minutes)
Tan! (endless)
Scout, purchase/borrow, and merchandise a wardrobe that lends itself to pulling any item at a glance that will magically go with any other item (a lifetime)

Show up looking chic (effortless).

Having said that... love Christine Centenera... wanna have her babies... call me!

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