Wednesday, August 1, 2012

.. of Style Inspiration

Blogger edition... (some weeks the boys are boring what can I say)

I missed out on that blazer at Zara. I needed it in a large which was only available online. So Sad.

Metallic footwear. 'nuff said.

Still on the hunt for leather pants. Found a pair at, you guessed it, Zara, on sale no less but they were more like ankle restraints on me as I couldn't get them past my calves. When will evolution catch up with the fact that my people don't spend all day in the potato fields anymore? Huh? When?

Ripped denim and a chelsea boot. Ripping denim is easy enough. Finding the perfect chelsea boot? A topic for another day ie tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Altuzarra heels (similar) + skinny dark denim (similar) + Alexander Wang bag (similar) + peplum (similar)

Peplums make me look like a pregnant 5 year old which is not socially acceptable so I'll leave this trend alone for now.

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