Monday, August 12, 2013

.. of Interiors

A little dark for me but other than that perfect.

I had a discussion with someone last night... we have a bunch of people coming to stay with us and I remembered that no one has ever really been comfortable in any of my apartments. My first apartment was an exercise is sparse. 

1 couch, 1 tv, 1 chair

Everyone hated that.

So my next apartment added carpeting, tables, lamps...

Still no good.

And it kind of continued on from there.

I really happen to like where I live now. It's small, only one room really, about 500 square feet in total including the bathroom. But, it's in the mountains, has 3 almost floor to ceiling windows, recessed lighting, a sleeping alcove, super comfy couches, artwork, throw blankets, pillows, a dartboard even, and still... no one seems comfortable there but me.

I've tried to study other people's homes that I am comfortable in to try and figure out what the trick is but I can't figure it out.

I might have to add an interior design course to my bucket list.