Friday, August 30, 2013

.. of Style Inspiration

.. of Style Inspiration

Build the life you want to live and as long as you can go to bed at night and know you did your best, those that want to be involved will make it their business to be involved, and those that don't, don't matter.

.. of Style Inspiration

I recently bought a pair of pants very similar to this that came with a hideous belt which I immediately removed. It never occurred to me to replace it with a leather one. There's nothing sadder than exposed belt loops. My first instinct was to wear a longer shirt but the most interesting part of the pants is the top. Problem solved.

This is why it's important to constantly be reading, researching, talking to people, and hopefully discovering things that were previously outside your sphere of knowledge. It doesn't necessarily just have to do with fashion. Start with an idea "I want to invest in real estate" and from there every waking moment should be spent trying to draw a correlation between everything you see and hear and your new goal. You will never cease to be amazed at how far off and how close by knowledge can hide, patiently waiting for you to go looking for it.

"Wine can be a wiser teacher than ink, and banter better than books." Stephen Fry

.. of Interiors

If I ever invested in a house for myself to actually live in it would be one that only existed for the view.