Friday, May 25, 2012

.. of Interiors

"I am dreaming tonight of a place I love even more than I usually do." Michael Buble

That place is Design Within Reach... I want to go to there.

I have no idea how you'd clean it but standing on this rug was absolutely heaven for ma toes.

I use a lot of wood in my apartment but it never occurred to me to lacquer it in silver. 'Wood' (ha) also look amazing in gold.

The Wassily Chair... THE Wassily Chair. I have been dreaming about owning one of these ever since Express had a separate store for men called Structure. They actually had these (probably replicas) as seating outside the fitting rooms and they are amazing. The straps eliminate any pressure points so its like sitting on a cloud.

I first saw this a little while ago in someone's home featured on The Glitter Guide and saved it in my inspiration folder...

I thought it was a clever DIY, hang some crystals from a modern silver chandelier. Turns out! Not so much. For better or worse its available at DWR but its $3000... anywhoooo moving on.

Thee most beautiful shade of pink bronze ever. Standing next to this I fell in love... I felt it mimicked my red hair and general pinky complexion. I felt we were kindred spirits. But when I tried explaining this, very nicely I might add, to the salesman, basically that I didn't appreciate them holding my kindred spirit captive and that I would appreciate it if I could take it home with me now. Please. They were less than convinced. Had to spend the car ride home explaining to my boyfriend why I have a compulsion to get chatty with salespeople, waitresses, etc.

A teeny tiny wittle fireplace for us apartment dwellers. Can be used inside or out for that fireplace glow. Sits tabletop. Amazing.

Love elephants. 'nuff said.

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