Wednesday, August 31, 2011

.. of Personal Style

Love this blog. Love these guys. Love their style. Love it!

Read a great article about their blog Street Etiquette by the NY Times here. And watch a video of them here.

Truth be told I've always been intimidated by men who can dress. I mean whenever I meet one who can't which is often I always advocate them getting on the sartorial pony ride but if it actually happened I'd be intimidated.

I've always had two firm rules when dating.

1. Never date a man who has longer hair than mine.

2. Never date a man who takes longer to get ready than me.

I think these two might take longer to get ready than me. I'd hate to be the one sitting on the couch checking my watch while in manly tones they scream down the stairs "just 5 more minutes... promise!"

You know who else I think takes longer to get ready than me?

Though I have to admit it is super cute when I catch my man glancing in mirrors deciding whether to pop his collar or not. Adorable.

Anyway... Street Etiquette. Happy Hump Day!