Thursday, February 16, 2012

.. of Closets

So as I said, moving my closet into the kitchen and it has to be done by July so obviously I started in January because that's how long it takes... isn't that how long it would take you? No? Let's pretend.

Anyway, just found my closet inspiration for the entire year. Mary Alice Stephenson you are all I need.

I mean... adjustable shelves... suddenly the solution to my shoe storage seems so obvious.

Dark wood + fluffy rug means I'd rather sleep in my closet than in my bed. Always put a rug in your closet even if its wall to wall carpeted already. It will instantly make your closet look and feel like a room you spent time and money on which you probably did, instead of feeling like storage.

Why not put your desk in your closet? It's where I do most of my good thinking anyway.

Dedicated sections are key to being organized. Gowns, jackets, shirts. It's the solution to the old "I forgot I had that" dilemma. You can't forget you have it if every time you need a shirt you have to rifle through the shirt section. You're bound to come across it eventually.

closet organization = risk management = making the world a safer place.

I actually prefer my bag storage, a series of sliding baskets available here.

Obviously, I need more gowns.

via thecoveteur