Tuesday, November 15, 2011

.. of Style Inspiration

New favorite blog. Stockholm Streetstyle. This happens a lot. I'm soft on loyalty.

This last photo perfectly exemplifies the mistakes we make when we're young in getting dressed and how with a little finesse we can fix them as we get older. Look at the woman just to the left of the woman at center. The two are almost exactly alike. Tall, thin, long straight brown hair, parted in the middle, shirt and skirt combo, and ankle strap heels.

So why is the woman at center chic and the woman on the left appears trashy? By the way this is not my opinion! Just look at the way the photographer framed the shot! He agrees with me.

Here's why...

1. Her skirt is entirely too short. There's a full six inches or more between the two skirt lengths.

2. Color. A neutral palette vs. Americana colorblocking.

3. The choice of shirt. A soft and silky texture that contrasts with the smooth texture of her skirt makes the woman at center look touchable and interesting vs. cotton on cotton on cotton.

4. Those red shoes. No one, including Anna Wintour, can pull off an ankle strap, kitten heel, open-toe, wedge. No one. Lefty has fantastic legs and those shoes make them look like... well... my legs! Close the toe and raise the heel and you have a beautifully elongated calf.

5. Proportion. Tim Gunn has always been an advocate of breaking the body up into thirds. Look at center there. Her shirt (1/3) is tucked into a high waisted skirt (2/3) that hits just above the knee exposing her calves down to an ankle strap (3/3). Lefty is cut in 1/2 at her waist by her shirt. Then, she has a smidgen of fabric for a skirt leading to a long expanse of leg making her body look unproportional.

So what have we learned? This photo is proof positive that what you wear (blouse, skirt, heels) doesn't have to change with your age, only how you wear it (silhouette, color, fabrication) and that this is a good thing!


Never stand next to someone wearing almost exactly the same outfit as you.

via stockholmstreetstyle