Tuesday, February 7, 2012

.. of Closets

Good Morning! I was up all night moving my closet...

into my kitchen...

to prepare for a new roommate!

It's going well so far. I took the black racks and put them in an L formation against the wall. My roommate will be using the cabinets and drawers for his clothing because he is incapable of keeping his clothing organized. Maybe we'll use the sink as a vanity!

My only problem so far is what do to with winter coats. Right now they're in an external wardrobe seen on the right. It's big and it won't fit in the kitchen/closet (kloset?) so what to do what to do. I'll figure something out and when I do I'll let you know. For now, some inspiration.

Mariah Carey's closet. Obviously.

Organized / Categorized / Bliss.

Small space solutions.

A kloset may sound weird but at least it's not a bathset (bathroom / closet).

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