Thursday, January 19, 2012

.. of Shopping

So I've been working on the wedding ring. And I use the term "the" loosely as in I've been working on narrowing it down to 3 actually.

Maybe 4.

A girl needs options okay! You want me to wear that shit everyday I'm gonna need options.

This is what I have so far.

Amazing obviously, and what I've always wanted. 3 or 4 row pave diamond eternity band set in platinum.

Then, I was introduced to Arik Kastan and consequently Roseark through a magazine and fell in love with this puppy...

As well as it's equally fabulous counterpart...

Both are rough diamonds, unpolished and set in rose gold. Sparkly diamonds have seemed too much ever since. However, maybe a little of both is in order?

And THAT led me to Henri Daussi and his eternity collection...

mmm yummy.

Of course because I have a job I also need a plain band. Wouldn't want to go overboard now would we...

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