Friday, April 13, 2012

.. of Personal Style

So I've been utilizing the "inspiration" tag since the beginning of blogging but since I view everything as inspiration I'll be narrowing this section down to only the things I add to my personal inspiration files. Those files include;

Beauty, Closet, DIY, Hair, Health, Home, Rings, and Style

"Beauty" or how I wish I could do my makeup if only I was even a tad bit capable in that arena.

"Closet" or my goals for organization of my most precious belongings. I think it's important to surround yourself with examples of people who do things better than you do.

"DIY" projects that will get started but probably never finished unless they're really, really easy. I crochet did I ever tell you that?

"Hair" or what I would do to it if I had any balls at all. One must always be prepared for the day they grow a set.

"Health" and it is important that this file be realistic people! Or not.

"Home" and also where I store cafe inspiration.

"Rings" I created this folder specifically for wedding planning when I was finding it impossible to decide on a ring and decided why not decide on several!

And finally "Style" the most important, most often used and the largest file. And here, my most recent addition.