Tuesday, December 20, 2011

.. of Personal Style

Okay, so not exactly Do-It-Yourself really but maybe TIFM, TIY, DTI, oh fuck it use a tailor is what I'm trying to say...

Mine is currently working on removing the cuffs from a jacket. I bought it way back in 2005 and it's a black, real fur bomber with these nasty scrunchie cuffs at the wrists that make it impossibly tight and difficult to wear. Also, they're ugly. And what is the point of clothing if not to be aesthetically pleasing? Oh yeah... warmth.


I decided to have it altered because I feel incredibly guilty for buying it in the first place. I would never buy real fur today. There's a Rebecca Minkoff bag I'm dying for but unfortunately a bunny died for it too.

That's an angora rabbit... I know...

SO instead of just getting rid of it like burying a body in the backyard and pretending it doesn't exist I wanted to get some wear out of it. The nasty cuffs had to go.

In the same vein, as soon as I get the jacket back I'm taking my "boyfriend" jeans in to get altered. I'm thinking shorter to wear with the lady pump and strappy sandals.


Tailoring a $200 pair of jeans is no joke so when you find someone who will do it correctly hang on to them for dear life. And please do me a favor and ALWAYS remember to have the original hems reattached! Please! Little details go miles in making the tailoring job look better and more expensive. You'll look taller too... don't ask me why.

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