Thursday, July 28, 2011

.. of Personal Style

Spent a weekend with ma laaadays (ladies). I don't remember much of it unfortunately but, I finally got to go to Red Lulu's in Norwalk, Connecticut. I've heard so much about it. And when I say I've heard so much about it I mean from everyone I know saying

"oh yeah I went there last weekend. awesome place."

*dead air*
*dead air*
*dead air*

wait for it...

"ummm, why wasn't I invited?"


The place has been described as a 'sensory explosion' and I would have to agree. When I went to tag my friends on Facebook I had the option of tagging this creepy face in the wallpaper that I hadn't noticed before... hrm

Who notices faces in the wallpaper after one two many Belvedere & Seltzers? Not me! Disaster.