Tuesday, December 24, 2013

.. of Interiors

So after 5 years, endless vomit stains (not my own), muddy ski boots, spilt wine, balsamic vinegar splashes, and chinese food spills, sadly, the rug in the apartment has to go. 

The current rug looks an awful lot like this one...

I bought it on awesome sale from Pottery Barn when I was spending money like a Brewster and was facing the cold hard truth of living all alone with a cold hard floor. Very depressing. 

Since then, as high pile wool rugs are bound to do, it has broken 3 vacuums and accumulated so much dirt my black cat has turned gray.

While I'd love to spend $900 on a new one, it is much easier to spend $100 at a time while also keeping myself busy. So I've decided, in my infinite wisdom, to try and make a new one.

Crocheting a rug requires rug yarn obviously. Choosing high quality fibers is a safe bet for warmth and longevity. Here are the colors we've chosen...

I'd like to make it 9x12 so that the couches overlap just a little bit more on each side and more of the floor tile is covered by the entrance. I'm going to start with small runners for each side of the bed, ya know, just to see how it goes. 

Depending on how many tears and how much blood is shed in the process we may end up doing something I swore I'd never do. We may become a no shoes household. I know! Insane. I know. I'm sticking to an ombre to hide stains but living in a ski town and having two cats as well as a love of wine and chinese food I'm just not sure what will happen. Will post progress reports...