Friday, January 27, 2012

.. of Hair Inspiration

It's about this time of year, this dreary, depressing, I'm bundled up in leggings and a turtleneck and I like it time of year that I always start thinking about changing up my look.

I only get my hair cut twice a year in October (before the holidays) and April (for my birthday) which gives me plenty of time to think of new ideas.

I just saw this posted on because im addicted...

and I know ombre hair is supposed to be 'over' now but that just means that now is the right time to do it.

I'm always torn between naturally messy and sleek and shiny.

Of course there is always the lingering doubt about the length. Maybe shorter?

That is Zelda Williams by the way. Notice any resemblance?

Then there's the bang issue... no not that one. This one.

But since bangs are always a disaster there is always the layers option.

My hair hasn't been that full since the 5th grade but it's fine.

My plan is to combine them all. Layered, ombre hair with bangs, worn naturally on days off and sleek and shiny for going out. Yes?

I'm definitely cutting it because I'm starting to look like 1 of 3 wives and if your hair is past your rib cage you should cut yours too. Trust me.

So either way decisions will be made and hair will be cut and styled and hopefully, in April, it will not be raining anymore.

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