Friday, June 21, 2013

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"Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be."

-Clementine Paddleford

oof. at once harsh and inspiring.

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Health Inspiration. More falling down poses. My brother once put me in this position to be mean. I don't believe I could get in it by myself.

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Cafe Inspiration.

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Hi. We haven't met yet. But we will.

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.. of Interiors

1. If you are going to collect a bunch of shit, keep it all in one place. Having one area of "clutter" will leave the rest of the room empty so that the eye can rest. And then, when people happen upon your clutter they'll say "ooohh, and what do we have hiding in this fancy mess? must be something interesting."

2. Nothing makes a place feel like a home like a man in the bed, a cat on the windowsill, and a rug underfoot. If you can't afford one large area rug, buy runners and sew them together and if you can't afford a man, buy another cat.

.. of Style Inspiration

I've been seeing a lot of black and white lately. I think it's the fashion industry answer to Spring/Summer.

"ehhh I'll throw some white in there. that'll do it. there! just look how much lighter!"

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The only way I could get into this position is if I was currently in the process of falling.