Tuesday, May 8, 2012

.. of Interiors

Yes! I'm finally on trend! This is a 'high' equivalent to seeing something I already own in a magazine.

Acrylic can be a divisive subject. Some see it as very 80's and avoid it in home furnishings and accessories. But acrylic has several advantages. It doesn't visually obstruct a space making it the perfect solution for studio apartments and small one bedrooms. Also, it allows light to pass through it which can brighten and enhance a room much like a mirror. To me it's the equivalent of hiding a tv inside an armoire. You can use it when you need to but otherwise, it is virtually invisible.

There is one distinct disadvantage however... cats apparently can't see it. Poor things try to walk right through it making the saddest little thump with their head. This can be avoided with a very tiny helmet. 

I own these Peekaboo Nesting Tables...

To get the look try cb2, Crate and Barrel's more modern sister.

Also try 1, 2 (perfect for a narrow entryway), and 3.