Tuesday, October 2, 2012

.. of Interiors

I finally found the perfect wall shelf. And I got around to hanging it two days ago. And I am in looooove with my wall shelf. I can't even properly express... I can't find the words to describe how lovely it makes me feel inside to have all my photos and framed preciousness in a neat little row smack in the middle of my wall. 

First its the grey wall with a black shelf that makes my heart go a-flutter. When your aesthetic imaginations finally come to fruition its very exciting. I feel... grown up!

Second if you find yourself incapable of hanging anything that's meant to stay hanging for more than five days, a wall shelf is your saving grace. All that's necessary is one stud... just one!... and all your neat and orderly dreams come true. One stud + one level = tons of art perfectly in order!

Third I love a good piece of art / print / drawing / whatever. I also love a good frame and will find a random piece of crap to put in it if necessary. As a result I find myself with more artwork than wall space / time to hang it. Enter the wall shelf! Switch art out with your mood / the season / your company (if you know what I mean... "oh dads coming over... time to store the nudes!")

That last photo is from the Ikea catalog which is where I got mine. It comes in 2 sizes and several colors. I chose the 3' black shelf for $14... a revelation!!! A revelation that's not on the website but hey, they don't ship anyway so get off your ass and take a drive. Maybe you'll find a cute, completely unnecessary throw blanket while you're there.

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Stay tuned for pictures!