Thursday, November 3, 2011

.. of Style Inspiration

So since I haven't had a corporate job in almost 3 years now I'm considering hemming all of my old work pants to accommodate flats, sneakers, and the like. Big moment. Big decision. It's like giving up the ghost. They say when you really like a pair of pants or denim you should buy two pairs. One to hem for flats. And one to hem for heels. But, really... who does that? That would eat into my shoe budget which is unacceptable. Obviously. I say buy one pair of pants and hem them for heels. Then, when they get too old to wear to work, you've worn them too often and people are tired of seeing them at work, the hems get all raggedy from slushing through unexpected rain storms, etc., then re-hem them for flats so you can wear them casually.

What brought this up you say?

See? How cute is that? Sometimes pants are the perfect alternative to denim and more interesting too.

Not me. Looks like me! Not me. But, this is kinda what I'm going for.

via veronicalovesarchie, lookbook