Thursday, June 30, 2011

.. of Shopping

Sorry I just had a what the fuck moment and I have to share.




These are awesome! And you make them in satin? SATIN! I don't wear satin. I'm not 80! Grrrrr Whatever. Buy here. If you're 80!

.. of Shopping

Nine West is basically a purveyor of basics ie office appropriate pumps.

That second one made me vomit in my mouth a little. That's why I included it. For EMPHASIS!

THEN, they come out with something like this...

and this...

and my spirit is renewed.

By the way, Chaste(lyn) is defined thus...


1. Abstaining from extramarital, or from all, sexual intercourse.
2. Not having any sexual nature or intention.

Looks like someone's mad at their ex-girlfriend Lyn?


These are technically from the more expensive, more stylish, more upscale line Boutique 9 but they sell that line in Nine West stores so there really isn't that much of a divide. Compare that to Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Piperlime, and Athleta. All owned by the same company, all sold in different stores.

Anyway, I want one... of each. Well, technically two of each really I mean I do need one for each foot people! The only place I've seen them so far is at Shopbop who is also having a summer sale sale. Check it out. You won't be disappointed. And neither will your credit card company.

.. of Personal Style

There is a period in my life I am ashamed of. It's called the 80's. And it's back.

I actually happen to really like the Kardashian-Jenners so not being a hater! And I also think that your teenage years are the time when you're supposed to experiment with different fashion personalities. I mean how boring would it be to be wearing perfectly tailored black blazers and denim when you're 16 years old.

All I'm saying is she is going to HATE this picture when she's 29...

I know of what I speak. Scrunchie anyone?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

.. of Style Inspiration

Something has been catching my eye lately on The Sartorialist.

*huminah huminah huminah*


It's rainin' men!


It's rainin men!

Yeah Yeah!

This is the Sartorialist by the way...

Takes one to know one I guess.

His site is one of the best and most well-known of the street style / style sightings blogs. He gets to travel the world and photograph the pretty people. Not bad for a day job. I've saved so many of his photos for my own style inspiration I can't even count.

So if you're looking to put a new, maybe European, twist on what you already have in your wardrobe go here.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

.. of Style Inspiration

I took time out to email one of my favorite bloggers, The Man Repeller, yesterday which is something I never do mostly 'cuz I think it's creepy. It's like feeling in your bones that Julia Roberts actually IS your best friend even though you've never met her but, if the two of you could JUST H.A.N.G. O!U!T! and she could see how awesome you are and how much you have in common you'dbebffsforever!


Actually I am one of those people but, not for Julia Roberts, for this woman...

Anyway, The Man Repeller. I emailed her ( which is a hilarious email address) because I saw this...

Kim Kardashian actually man-repelling! (for definition go here) I'm so proud of her! And you should be too.

I think it's probably because she's engaged now and doesn't actually want to attract any more men but, whatever the cause. I think she looks super cute and so much better than this...

.. of Shopping

If there are two people in the world who hate me and want to see me poor they are Tory Burch and Alexander Wang.

The latest torture device from Tory Burch.

Right now they appear to be round toe but, if they turn out to be an almond toe we might have problems.

... eh, we might have problems anyway.

Monday, June 27, 2011

.. of Shopping

I take issue with this.

My issue is when I saw them I laughed really hard out loud in public and blew coffee out my nose. At least it was iced coffee *phew*

Oh, and they're $999.95 which I believe is a small price to pay for the ability to make people blow coffee out their nose! $999.99 however, would have been too much.

.. of Personal Style

Shopbop has a new peliroja!

Equal Rights for the Melanin Deficient!


What do we want?

Ginger Equality!

When do we want it?


*end rant chant*

Thursday, June 23, 2011

.. of Shopping

The question is...

too much? or juuuust enough?

truthfully, I wish they were shiny. but that's just me

.. of Personal Style

soooooo I used to think blogs were bullshit. just a bunch of people trying to get shit for free spouting off about stuff I really could have figured out on my own.

oh nay nay

my favorite handbag designer is Rebecca Minkoff. always has been. always will be.

and a few months ago I was on her website (shopping) and I saw she had a blog and on her blog was a list of other blogs and trusting in her brilliance in adorning my underarm/elbow pit/shoulder I decided to do what my fiance calls "research" ie "google" some of them.

cut to 6 months later and I'm full-on "following" (beware I use a lot of "'s) 33 of them on a da(i)ly, pun intended, basis.

The most recent unnecessary addition being 9to5chic because, well, I work 9 to 5 (read 7 to 8) and I look like shit doing it.

she doesn't. she actually looks awesome and expensive.

But, what we do have in common, we both luuurve to love our shoes. love them and they will love you right back.

or so I've been told...

Yes... that is an Ugg... and yes... that is a hole in my Ugg...

Why do I have a blog again??

oh yeah


1. with a grandiose view of one's own talents and a craving for admiration.

Confession: I wear Uggs to work... so much for my craving for admiration

.. of Personal Style

Why am I starting a blog (especially sisnce the first thing I had to do after creating it was spell check the word narcissism!)?


1. with a grandiose view of one's own talents and a craving for admiration.

oh yeah that's why.