Tuesday, February 21, 2012

.. of Style Inspiration

Loving this piece on monotone dressing over at Eat, Sleep, Denim.

Her advice...

So I don't really dole out true styling advice ... I feel confident recommending this item or that, but when it comes to putting together outfits with that je ne sais quoi factor, I just don't think I have the gene. 

I was surprised, therefore, to come out of a "nothing to wear crisis" the other day with a new realization, a great outfit, and a super simple styling tip. Here it is:


Besides disagreeing with her opinion on her genes, I could not agree more. I would take it a step further though and say take everything in the same color and put it on. Of course the easiest "color" to do this with is black, and neutrals would be the next step up from that. It's a pretty safe, close second. You can't really go wrong with camel can you?

Having an outfit that is all one color is the equivalent of losing a sense. All of the other senses become heightened. When everything is the same color it is easier to appreciate the cut, texture, and fit of the outfit.

Another example...

The problem I'm actually having when I have "nothing to wear" is usually a lack of confidence. Some days I can walk into my kloset (kitchen/closet) and yank out a purple scarf, black sweater, fire engine red coat, and camo denim with cognac shoes, slap it on and walk out the door confident. Some days? Grey feels like a risk. These days occur every couple of weeks... 3 to be exact. Anyway, even if emotionally you feel you have nothing to wear, intellectually you probably realize that's not true.

Call it a momentary lapse in your sartorial coordination, get your inner ear checked, and make it easy on yourself by trying this trick. I promise it will work. Mix textures and add a basic such as a white tee or black shoes to break it up if need be.

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