Tuesday, October 25, 2011

.. of Shopping

Something bad happened...

Remember how good a photographer I am? No?!

Now you do!

Here to help.

This was taken while waiting under a fluorescent lightbulb outside my friend's apartment waiting for her to come home. Don't get me wrong. We were supposed to meet there. I was on time. She was late. I met her at her house and she was still late.

An iPhotography session ensued.

For a professional view I must enlist the help of Mr. Newton...

Much better. And in the cream color which I was afraid to buy mostly because I get mustard on everything I have that's white. It doesn't matter if I was anywhere near mustard that day... if I'm wearing white I get mustard on it. I must secrete it or something.

But, anyway enough about my secretions (for today). Do something bad to your wallet here.

Address of next week's shopaholics meeting to follow.

via theoutnet, mrnewton