Tuesday, September 27, 2011

.. of Style Inspiration

I have always been a fan of scarf dressing. I've been made fun of for it incessantly *cough*alyce*cough* and I still refuse to give them up even in summer.

I mean even a small wisp of colorful silk can liven up an all black outfit.

Big trends in recent seasons were colorblocking, mixing patterns, and florals. For me the best way, the most inexpensive way, to access these trends is through accessories in general and scarves in particular.

Say you're wearing your standard go-to blue jeans and a bright pink sweater. Throw on an orange scarf and BAM! colorblocking.

Wearing a plaid button-down? Try a striped scarf. BAM! mixing patterns.

I especially enjoy wearing floral scarves because they soften even the most severe outfit and make it instantly more feminine without going to far.

And let's not forget their intended purpose of keeping our necks warm. There is NOTHING better than throwing on a pair of leggings, tall boots, a lived-in dependable sweater and a big huge fluffy scarf at the first sign of Autumnal chill.

The inspiration file holds plenty of evidence of my obsession...

Try 'em wrapped, tucked, twisted, and draped. Or try them B. Jones Style, no pun intended and wear one as a shirt!

Doesn't matter, just indulge. Prices range from well over $300 for a luxe cashmere knit or $3 flat at Forever 21. Don't discriminate based on the price point. This is not a piece that gets better when it's made in Italy like handbags or shoes. Instead focus on shape and fabric. A small silk square for summer vs. a wide and long wool knit for winter.

Don't be afraid of a little DIY either. Chances are someone you know (me) can knit or crochet and would be more than willing to take your favorite color and whip you up a little something special.

My DIY agenda...

Let's not forget the all-important turban...

If you must buy them they're all available at Shopbop.

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