Saturday, August 24, 2013

.. of Style Inspiration

.. of Interiors

In an effort to make my apartment more appealing, I have moved my closet into the ummm, closet. Genius right...

I'm left with a big blank wall. Maybe built-ins? Craving a reading nook.

P.S. using a banana peel to kill a spider on your keyboard will keep you from breaking your keyboard, but you will get banana absolutely everywhere...

.. of Personal Style

On a scale of 1-10 my current level of frustration with anyone over the age of 10 calling their father "Daddy" is at ohhhhhh I'd say a 100

Fuck my life.
Fuck my life.
Fuck my life.

I forgot when I based my entire income structure around retail, that I hate people.

This is a problem.
Must diversify.

Also, work on creating passive income for when I murder one of these motherfuckers and must spend some time in jail (unless I use a gun and then jail will not be an issue).

.. of Interiors

adult bunk beds. awesome.

.. of Interiors

oh yeah, give me a palette of gray, white and wood any day...