Thursday, November 24, 2011

.. of Personal Style

Packing for the holidays is occasionally the best part because you get to imagine all the fun you'll have and the places you'll go and how fabulous you'll look when you get there. None of which is true but, it's the hope people!

I tend to pack in a very organized rhythm.

1. Pull clothes I haven't worn since I bought them (yes this pile is usually quite large).

2. Pull clothes I really want to wear because they make me happy just thinking about them (sequin sweatshirts).

3. Put pajamas and workout wear in the bag immediately. I always forget this part because fabulousness doesn't need pajamas and certainly doesn't need to workout! Noooooo...

4. Browse my digital inspiration folder for ideas.

5. Lay out outfits one by one based on event.

6. Contemplate why I have so much time on my hands and consider calling a friend to arrange dinner plans.

7. Add "dinner plans" to list of events I need outfits for... it's a vicious cycle.

*AG pants, J.Crew scarf, Banana Republic jacket, Zara top, F21 tee

*J.Crew sweater, F21 tee from outfit 1, Zara tee, AG pants from outfit 1

*cat, Banana Republic jacket, F21 tee, Zara tank, F21 denim

*J.Crew denim, J.Crew scarf from outfit 1, Zara top from outfit 1, F21 tee from outfit 1 and 2, J.Crew sweater

Once I put an outfit together that I think is exciting and new I've started taking pictures of it because let's face it most of our clothes are good old standbys, things that make us feel good when we wear them, all the time, to every event, everyday. They're usually black too aren't they. SO if I have a picture of what my original pairing was maybe it will keep me from falling back on the old combinations that seem to always end up in the bag. We'll see how this goes.

Today I will be giving thanks for travel bags with rolly wheels. It's the little things...