Tuesday, November 13, 2012

.. of Hair Inspiration

I finally bit the proverbial bullet (thank you spell check for telling me I can't spell proverbial) and dyed my hair at home. See what had happened was... I was about to leave for my brother's house in CA to see ma babies, er his babies, yeah... anyway I knew there would be tons of pictures. And I knew these pictures would be shown to their first dates, at family reunions, pretty much anytime they are being assholes I can pull out this sweet innocent, new baby smell photo and say... 

"Look. Look at how SWEET you WERE. So what the hell are you doing right now?!

And I knew my mouse brown hair wasn't going to age well. So I bottle dyed it and turned it purple. Correction: I didn't have enough so I dyed the top layer purple and left the rest alone.

This is my way of telling you I'm going to get my hair professionally dyed for my birthday.

The question is which red is "red". Since hair color naturally fades as we age the standard advice is to bring along a photo of yourself as a child if you're looking for natural looking color. There are several problems with that.

1. I am so old that all of the photos from my childhood are somehow sepia toned.

2. This is what I looked like as a child. I had apparently already found the polyester pant section of K-Mart that grandmothers are so fond of and I liked to pose with eggs in my hand so as to say, "as soon as I can choose my own pants I'm gonna take the world by the eggs and sqqqquuuueeeeze until it cracks."

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