Friday, August 5, 2011

.. of Shopping

Behold the Maison by Martin Margiela Grocery Shopper Plastic But Not Really Wannabe You're Not Fooling Anyone Calfskin Bag... Thing.

It's supposed to look like a plastic trash/grocery bag I guess and it is kinda hot though I would hesitate to carry food in it since it rings in at about $697. But actually this is mostly because I never go food shopping. Probably because I spend all my money on bags that look like grocery bags. My life is so fucked up in a backwards self-perpetuating vicious cycle kind of way. My therapist says it's important not to self-diagnose. So moving on!

I've seen this before. Marie Turnor makes the absolute cutest little bag that's supposed to look like a paper lunch bag. You decide...

Marie Turnor Picnic Bag and a Paper Bag. hmmm which is which?

One is made of leather and costs $175.00.

The other is made of recycled Christmas trees and costs $15.99 for 500.

Man, I would hate to get those confused.