Monday, July 18, 2011

.. of Health & Beauty

Had to look up how to spell narcissism again. It just doesn't look right! Whatever english makes no sense. This is a rule! Except in this word and this word and that word.


I'm joining a gym on Saturday so I can take spinning for the first time. I'm thinking of wearing this...

and I'm thinking spinning will transform me into this...

and by 'this' I mean cankle-free. Come on spinnin' ! Don't let me down !

They spinnin' they spinnin'theyspinnin' (Chris Rock. anyone? anyone?! No. hm)

.. of Style Inspiration

Addicted to this photo...

Perfect. Just perfect.

Flowy summer dress in a bright, happy color. Check.

Pedicure. Check.

Neutral strappy sandals. Check.

High bun. My personal favorite. Check.

And an arm party! Check (definition of arm party here)