Tuesday, June 28, 2011

.. of Style Inspiration

I took time out to email one of my favorite bloggers, The Man Repeller, yesterday which is something I never do mostly 'cuz I think it's creepy. It's like feeling in your bones that Julia Roberts actually IS your best friend even though you've never met her but, if the two of you could JUST H.A.N.G. O!U!T! and she could see how awesome you are and how much you have in common you'dbebffsforever!


Actually I am one of those people but, not for Julia Roberts, for this woman...

Anyway, The Man Repeller. I emailed her (harempants@manrepeller.com which is a hilarious email address) because I saw this...

Kim Kardashian actually man-repelling! (for definition go here) I'm so proud of her! And you should be too.

I think it's probably because she's engaged now and doesn't actually want to attract any more men but, whatever the cause. I think she looks super cute and so much better than this...

.. of Shopping

If there are two people in the world who hate me and want to see me poor they are Tory Burch and Alexander Wang.

The latest torture device from Tory Burch.

Right now they appear to be round toe but, if they turn out to be an almond toe we might have problems.

... eh, we might have problems anyway.