Friday, June 28, 2013

.. of Style Inspiration

For some reason it fills like a modern, sexy take on Audrey Hepburn. And I have those shoes! I do not have those legs...

so close.

.. of Personal Style

apropos of nothing, finally got my ponytail to act right. It won't last. Also, another game of spot the fat cat.

*thnaks spelchek. apranetly I kin spel apropos noe prob butt knot porportion. eye blamme the skools.

.. of Quotes

"Devise a dream. One that ignites a fire in your belly and makes your heart feel so full it might actually burst. Devise a dream so magnificent that it will enrich your life beyond belief, now and until your earthly journey comes to an end. And when you're finished - when you've filled it to maximum capacity with the wildest of ideas and your version of happy - you need to live it. Because there is nothing more fulfilling than watching a dream - one that you've carefully and thoughtfully constructed - come to life in front of your very eyes."


.. of Hair Inspiration