Friday, March 16, 2012

.. of Interiors

Closing in on my 30's *shiver* I've been feeling like I need to focus as much energy on the rest of my home as I do on my closet. So I was bored last night and... somethin' happened. I went on a mad painting spree. I base-coated all of my formerly natural wood toned doors and trim in white. Second coat required but wow what a difference. I've been reading about the impact of black trim on an interior but I made the mistake of painting my kitchen red once and that was the end of my foray into bold color. SO gray walls, newly white trim, and now to cover my white tile floors in dark gray carpet tiles. Wish me luck! Will post when my painting job looks less like a 5 year-old with insomnia and more like a professional did it. Three cheers for grown-up apartments!

Current wall color...

Behr Manhattan Mist

Carpet tile options...

Flor Fedora in Charcoal

Shaw Berber in Black

More white trim + dark flooring combinations

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