Thursday, March 1, 2012

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The best of New York Fashion Week 2012...

Since I saved 59 images from all over the blogosphere for my own personal inspiration I'll be breaking it down into groups for the next week or so, so enjoy.

To start, a few "streetstyle stars" popped up looking fabulous more than once this week, sometimes photographed by several different people in the same outfits.

Jenna Lyons President and Executive Creative Director for J.Crew aka my mecca.

She is wearing quite a bit of J.Crew but not everything. Notice the colorblocking still happening, the return of the lady pump with a lower heel and pointy toe, and the use of two jackets, one lighter worn as a cardigan and one heavier and casually thrown over. That trend was epidemic throughout fashion week probably due to the extreme changes in weather from day to day but the most interesting fashion trends are sometimes born of necessity.

Miroslava Duma Editor Harper's Bazaar Russia aka Pocket Pal

Rachel Zoe Designer, Stylist, and Reality TV Personality

Forever rockin' the fur (faux) and the flare bottom denim. 

I've been slowly giving up on my skinnies lately mostly because I've lost weight in the thighs but cankles are forever but also because they really are the most elongating silhouette for any body shape. They'll give you curves if you have none by nipping in at the knee and flaring out at the ankle and they'll slenderize you if you wear a heel. Always remember to hem your flares to fall no more or less than 1" off the ground. This means you have to designate a heel height to wear with each pair. Yes this is a hassle. Stop whining, go to Forever 21, and buy 5 pairs for $20. Hems are my pet peeve. Too short and you look like a disco queen, too long and you look like a hippie. 

While we're on the topic, it is NOT self-indulgent to own multiples of the same article of clothing. Having multiple bags, shoes, denim, tees means that each one will last longer because you don't wear them as often. Over time as you build your wardrobe this means you have to buy less clothing less often because the wear and tear is spread out among your closet. I used to run up against this issue all the time while working in the sunglass industry. People would come in crying 

"They broke! And they cost me $300! They shouldn't be breaking!!" 

To which I reply...

"Did you wear the same pair everyday, all day for six months straight? Did you throw them in your bag three times a day everyday for six months straight and take them off and put them on with one hand for six months straight? No shit they broke Sherlock. I'd say you got a lot of wear out of them for all you put them through. Buy two pairs next time. They'll last for years."

More NYFW to come! Stay tuned...

I can't believe it's March already.