Thursday, May 24, 2012

.. of Shopping

mm zup zup Gus Gus...

Jeffrey Campbell... obviously!

And yes, I'm aware they're bordering on being knockoffs and no, I don't care. You know why? The main argument against knockoffs of designer brands is that the knockoff industry supports child labor and other unlawful practices in countries like China. Then passable versions are sold on the street in Soho for $1 making it impossible for the brands to compete for these aspirational customers. Jeffrey Campbell however, is a fashion-industry recognized American company. Some of his shoes are over $200 which means I still can't afford them much less the original and the brands he is pirating are mostly European. SO technically, I am supporting American industry...

or they're just cute and don't have any fur on them and that is the extent of the collision between my morals and my closet.

1, 2

and finally, why the Gus Gus reference? Because when I saw these, I felt like Gus Gus with some cheese.

zup zup