Wednesday, July 13, 2011

.. of Shopping

For some online retailers pre-fall sales have already begun. One major trend I'm particularly excited about is the return (did it ever leave?) of the black bootie and I love a black bootie. Whether it comes in a box or attached to a man is negotiable.

The best of the best pre-fall...

.. of Style Inspiration

Just saw this little tid bit... (bold italic by me)

Is Kate Bringing Back Sheer Pantyhose?

Throughout the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's North American visit, Kate showed her usual fashion saavy.

If boring wrap dresses and middy heels constitute fashion saavy just kill me now.

which extended to her always-shining mane.

'always-shining mane'? Seriously? That makes her sound like a horse. Bitch does have good hair though.

But something else of Kate's was aglow, too - her legs. The Duchess seems to have embraced the sheen of sheer pantyhose, a throwback to the 1980s that went the way of the mullet.

There was good reason for that.

Until now, it appears.

The more Kate pairs the shiny hose with her various outfits for official engagements, the more they're flying off the shelves in her native United Kingdom.

According to the U.K.'s Daily Mail, current bestselling brands include Wolford Naked 8s and Satin Touch 20s, Falke's Shelina tights and Pretty Polly's Naturals,

I'm not wearing ANYTHING past the age of 5 called Pretty Polly's. Imagine the first date if you will.

Man "You look beautiful"

Woman "Oh, it must be the 'glow' from my tights. Wanna come back to my house and I'll show you my Pretty Polly." hmmm maybe I should rethink this.

which promise a "cooling effect" finish.

The only thing I want in my closet that promises a 'cooling effect finish' is a Durex Pleasure Pack.

Whether it's a calculated fashion choice or, more likely, a royal requirement (one bemoaned recently in a Harper's Bazaar article by Tom Hanks' wife Rita Wilson, who cursed the need to wear the hose at a state banquet at Buckingham Palace), it looks like they are here to stay. Maybe.

The newlywed did appear to have one bare-legged moment during her visit, skipping the hose and wearing open-toed shoes with her Jenny Packham dress on Saturday during Williams polo match at the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club.

It's worth noting, though, that other royals, including Queen Elizabeth and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, also sport tights for official engagements.

Yes! Victory! It has always been MY dream to have my fashion choices compared to this woman.