Thursday, December 1, 2011

.. of Shopping

Along with feelin' the lady pump, and getting over platform heels, I'm also getting tired of skinny jeans. I couldn't even bring myself to put any on during my 3 day weekend. 3 DAYS!

This may be my solution...

Leandre saw fit to cut a slit up the front of her skinnies to turn them into a flair. Note: giving up the skinny does not mean I'm advocating returning to the bootcut a la the 90's. *shiver*

Over the weekend in my fit of annoyance with my jeggings (read: legging/jeans) I moseyed on over to Forever 21 28 and picked up these puppies...

They're much longer in real life and much more flattering especially if you like your thighs more than your calves.

So... Skinnies out? Flares in? Oh, times they are a changin'. As one friend put it when I looked at her askance while she tried on a quilted riding jacket in a very responsible forest green, "can't you let me grow up?!"

by the way...


Walk or move in a leisurely manner.

and that is exactly what I did.

via themanrepeller, forever21