Friday, March 30, 2012

.. of Interiors

Home porn...

I've been obsessed with this "closet" for awhile now for several reasons but mainly because it appears to occupy an entire room. Previously seen here...

Other things I find fascinating;

1. The changing furniture. I suppose when your closet occupies an entire room you do have the opportunity to switch up the furnishings from time to time. I think the seating in the center is the best way to go.

2. The shoe storage. It never grows or shrinks and I have the same problem. I'm finding it impossible to minimize the space my shoe closet takes from a room. There's just no way to squish them. They don't squish! This is not a sweater we're talking about. I can't stick them in a space-bag and call it a day. Therefore my excessive shoe storage is not my fault.

3. This is another example of light walls with dark wood floors and the rug on a rug concept which I've been a big believer in for a long time.

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