Friday, September 13, 2013

.. of Interiors

Despite my constant, relentless search for inspiration, certain things consistently escape my attention. Curtains, lamps, kitchens, and bathrooms fall completely outside my radar. The former because I find that, in real life, as opposed to internet life, they are generally executed incorrectly out of necessity. Lamps go where outlets are and curtains go where windows are. It's boring.

And the latter, kitchens and bathrooms, because they are always difficult and/or impossible to change or renovate, especially as a renter. I'd just rather avoid the disappointment.

This bathroom however, is worth looking at if only because it is so non-traditional. The flooring isn't tile, it's wood. The chair is something that really belongs in a living room or dressing room, someplace generally lacking in moisture. The mirror is relatively small compared to the size of the room. The accents include flowers and blankets, vases and decorative plates. And the artwork is a focal point. Also, I think, if I'm not mstaken, there is a fireplace on the left?

I love it when I see a space that is used how it is and hasn't been changed and scrubbed clean into something it isn't. Gives us renters hope. Use what you were given, include what you already have, and forget the rest.

via desiretoinspire