Monday, October 15, 2012

.. of Personal Style

I finally got around to getting out my winter coats last night. I've never been one to store off-season clothing. I think all of your clothing should fit in your closet all year or you just have too much clothing. Plus, whenever I see empty space in my closet I feel the need to fill it. The best way to avoid that is never to have any empty space which inevitably occurs when you store something.

THEN hubs moved back in. And all hell broke loose. He took over the only closet with a door which initially required me to buy one of those cheap external wardrobes with a plastic cover.

THEN my cats, bless their fat little hearts, decided to use the inside of the bottom of the plastic wardrobe as a bathroom. Which led to storage.

Now that the chill is in the air again I had the chance to break open that gray plastic bin to find things I had forgotten about. And I have a new found admiration for storage. It was like shopping for a whole new coat wardrobe except each coat I took out already had a story behind it that came flooding back and I didn't have to spend a penny.

"I bought this leather coat when I was 16 on sale at my first job at the Gap...

Awwww! I wore this at my wedding... *brief break for making out with hubs*

Oh, I wore this on my birthdaaaaay...

This trench makes me feel like a streaker... don't know why."

Anyway, I've long since thrown out the plastic litter box and decided to replace it with a large silver metro shelf. It actually fills out the room nicely and allows for extra space at the top and the bottom for other seasonal items... hats, gloves, boots, and extra blankets. I like the way it fills out the space so much I'm considering leaving it out all summer. We'll see what happens. 

via  afterdrk