Thursday, August 18, 2011

.. of Shopping

Missoni for Target launches Tuesday September 13th. I really hate it when they schedule launches and sample sales and pretty much anything for a weekday. They're testing our commitment... I will call in sick to work for that shit! Don't tempt me.

The clothes are hideous as usually befits Target... and Missoni really but, the home goods!

Fantastic and just the thing to add a little color to what has been a pretty gloomy summer. My home decor is almost entirely composed of different shades of grey so I have to spice it up with throw pillows and blankets to match the changing seasons. It really gives the whole apartment a fresh perspective and a 'decorated' look.

If only I rode a bike! I might buy it anyway I'm not gonna lie. It would make quite the statement and since all I have in my apartment is a sofa/bed, coffee table, and a closet maybe I could sit on the bike. Just to change it up a bit you know.

If only I had a baby! Scratch that. I'll give it to a friend. So cute! Maybe it'll fit my cat.

The travel accessories are a must. It is seriously time to upgrade from my freebie AG Adriano Goldschmied navy and red makeup case.

And last but not least guess what every man I know is getting for Christmas?!

They'll be so happy.

So don't get in my way on the 13th. I will trample you... or run you over with my new bike! See I'm finding more and more uses for it already. Investment piece.

via Fashionologie