Thursday, February 2, 2012

.. of Personal Style

Succumbed to the "J.Crew Extra 30% off Final Sale" sale.

Shoes should come everyday with lunch. These arrived a mere two days after I ordered them. Say what you want about J.Crew but their customer service is without reproach. When I received the wrong item during a Christmas ordering frenzy this year they refunded my account before I had even returned it! Amazing.

Decidedly not hideous J.Crew Darby.

Okay so I want to come back as one of two things when I'm reincarnated. Either my own cat or a pair of J.Crew shoes. Have you ever seen a more fluffy inviting paper pillow?


My second pair of loafers/oxfords/things that make me feel like a lesbian while simultaneously making my calves look even bigger than they already do. Remember Jil Sander?