Monday, March 19, 2012

.. of Style Inspiration

Orange handbags abound at New York Fashion Week...

I was especially excited to see this Rebecca Minkoff throwback! I bought myself this clutch in alligator, lizard, ostrich? embossed black leather for my birthday around, oh, 2008, 2009? Looove seeing something brought out of the trenches of someone's closet. Sometimes the new thing isn't always the best thing.

Having said that... really want this bag. I'm always hesitant to wear orange of course due to a wardrobe that consists of mostly black and the dreaded Halloween factor. Let's be honest, for that kind of money I'd probably opt for, you guessed it, black! Designers and retailers know this too which is why most of the bags seen above also come in black. But, hey, it's almost Spring. Experiment a little. Besides, several exceptions can be made for the Rebecca Minkoff Collection Allie.