Wednesday, February 15, 2012

.. of Style Inspiration

Look ma! My first streetstyle photo!

Found these two in a women's only Forever 21. I didn't ask but my guess is they either work there or were waiting to flirt with a woman that works there. They were too well-dressed to just be following their girlfriends around at the mall.

I passed them while I had a monstrous armful of clothing to try on and I said to myself, "Self! Be brave. You know you want to take their picture so do it!" and when I ignored that I heard, "do it. do it! DOOO ITTTT!"

So I whipped around and walked back, iPhone in hand and said...

"Hi. I have a really strange question and feel free to say no butcanItakeapictureofyouformyblog?!"

Then I snorted and pushed my glasses back up my nose.

They said yes.

I said smile.

Then I snapped and promptly walked away. Completely forgot to give them the web address of course which almost completely defeats the purpose.

I was immensely flustered and completely red in the face so I high-tailed it to the fitting room where I heard my dumb ass asking the sales associate for a piece of paper and a pen like some kind of out-of-body experience. I wrote the completely illegible address on the back of a receipt (probably for condoms) and ran out of the fitting room half-dressed to give it to them. They had since been replaced by two white guys in sweatpants and Abercrombie t-shirts.

But hey, #1 down, infinity to go...