Monday, July 11, 2011

.. of Closets

I keep a crazy amount of files on my computer sickeningly organized with inspiration photos...

weight loss inspiration (rarely looked at)

style inspiration (updated daily)

hair inspiration (stylist never gets that right no matter how many pictures I present. I've even handed over pictures OF MYSELF when I liked my hair. Still. Nothing.)

and home inspiration

Once upon a time when I had my own apartment this was my favorite thing to do, decorate my home. Today, I have NOOOO time for that shit. I don't even own a chair. No art on the walls save for some photos of me and my honey. A sofa that doubles as a bed and never as a sofa. And a refurbished coffee table that used to be a bench for the kitchen table when I was a kid. Love that one. As for the rest? Pitiful.

Soooo I use my inspiration folder to keep hope alive. I highly recommend it.

The only problem is recently I've been saving photos mostly of closets...

Fabulous idea for shoe/bag/hat/anything storage and totally achievable with this little devil...

Only $129 and I have been lusting after it for a hot minute aka years.

So the problem with saving mostly pictures of closets is that my closet already looks like this...

I had some leftover metro shelving from a project and they made perfect clothing storage. They're fully adjustable and come in black or silver to match all your decorating needs.

It's highly organized and now it's even more organized. I figured out that the shirts look better if they're color coded! Very exciting revelation. I'm pretty happy with it. What I do need to be saving photos of? Oh, chairs... curtains... furniture and decorations of ANY KIND will do!